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Re: [K12OSN] configuring email server

Personally, I like postfix better than sendmail.  It can certainly do your
#1 and #2.  Of course, I'm fairly certain sendmail can do both as well.

As for your spam filtering software, I'm using spampd (which is a mail
relay that uses spamassassin) infront of my mail server.



This was the easiest way to set it up given my configuration.  I took a
look at messagewall.org, and it looks like it can be run as a relay as
well (i.e., it accepts all messages on port 25, checks for spam and virii,
and then passes the message on to your MTA on a different IP and/or port).

Spampd scores messages and adds some headers to the messages.  My users
that want to can filter based on those headers.  My other users that don't
care don't see anything unusual in the subject and/or body of the messages
that they receive.  The bulk of my users use Sieve (part of the Cyrus IMAP
package) for mail filtering.

Granted, for a very high use mail server this sort of relay configuration
isn't optimal because it introduces a potential bottleneck infront of your

Also note that I haven't used MessageWall, only looked at the online docs
for a few minutes.

Anyway, it's just another configuration option that you may want to look


On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Tim Litwiller wrote:

> what MTA does everyone here recommend?
> There are several goals I need to meet with our email server.
> #1  I need to accept mail for domain1.com and distribute to valid users
> of the system
> #2  I need to accept all mail for domain2.com and deliver to one user
> #3  I want to add http://www.messagewall.org as a spam and virus filter
> Currently I have sendmail configured and it is doing  #1 but I can't
> figure out how to do #2
> I have setup #3 but it is passing all mail and not scoring it, It maybe
> a configuration error, i am still
> testing different settings.
> I did download and install webmin to try to make configuring sendmail
> easier.
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