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Re: [K12OSN] HELP!!!

Todd O'Bryan wrote:

[....] this happened in the
midst of running a backup (I was scp-ing my home directory to another machine when the copy stalled and the disk started making a skrr-skrr-skrr sound).

.. and that horrible sinking feeling sets in.. <low voice, nearly a whisper> nooooooooooooooooooooo...

been there..

I never foresaw such a complete meltdown (do we ever?) so I'm now completely screwed.

yup, same old story. 8-}

This is *precisely* what RAID mirroring is designed to prevent. When you get a new drive, get *two* of them ay.. Do your re-install on the new drives'ssss <(note the plural) and then pay particular attention to the partitioning proceedure. Make these drives' partition-type "software RAID" and then click "make RAID". That's it, as far as I remember..

You don't need a fancy RAID controller to do this, although there might be a performance hit. Anyone know if there is performance penalty with software RAID ? If you are using IDE, you must put each drive on its' own IDE cable, and configure the drive as primary.

Next time, when one drive goes skrr-skrr-skrr on you, you can smile smugly to yourself while it spins its' stupid self to death, and perhaps leave it like that for a few days, just to add insult to injury.. (backup right away though..)

sorry for your loss..


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