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[K12OSN] CUPS Problems

Hello All,

We are having some troubles with CUPS on some terminals clients.  We
have about 10 printers setup on clients ranging from HP LaserJet 4P's to
HP DeskJet's.  Occasionally we will find that the print queues in CUPS
will stop queuing jobs to the printer for no apparent reason.  We also
find that the printer queue in CUPS will also top accepting jobs.

At first we thought that the printer had run out of paper or some other
printer error which causes the queue to get bottlenecked up.  Not the
case. CUPS just appears to stop spooling the jobs.  

We stopped the printer and then brought it back online in CUPS, it
begins accepting jobs again.  There still remains jobs in the queue that
we cannot delete however.  We get "client-error-forbidden" when we try
to delete the job from the queue.

Has anyone experienced this or have a solution to this problem?

Any help you can give would be awesome!



| Michael De Groat                        |
| Senior Systems Analyst                  |
| Ruffdogs.com                            |
| michael ruffdogs com                    |

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