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Re: [K12OSN] Mozilla & xinetd updates

Nice to meet you Eric and all of you in this list.
I'm a publisher of K12LTSP-jp
and one of non-western portions of the globe too.

I have alrady subscribed here but there is a poor english only I have 8-)
There is a very different between Translation and Talking.

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002 21:30:31 -0800 (PST)
Eric Harrison <eharrison mail mesd k12 or us> wrote:
> Along the same lines, I've seen a huge number of downloads of the last
> K12LTSP 3.0 beta - mostly from non-western portions of the globe. How is
> it working for you guys, especially those of you who are not defaulting 
> to an english-biased locale?

Were they coming from my site? check their referer in your httpd_log.
Maybe so, 'Cause I put a News on my top page about new 3.0 beta has released.

I don't know how many people using K12LTSP in Japan.
No result from google except my site
So none using K12LTSP in Japan, I think.
They lived in Japan don't know any information about K12LTSP.
So I have started translating it into Japanese to tell what is K12LTSP.

Well, K12LTSP 2.1.x and 3.0.x works fine as a client.
# Not yet tested as a server criticaly.

Only one problem is "less" in 2.1.x. 
This pckage has dropped NLS patch by RedHat, as you know.
This non-pached less can displey Japanese-character (ja_JP.eucJP) in console,
and I can see Japanese messages such as "rpm -qi xxx.src.rpm".
But can't display file written in Japanese.

This is a very FAQ in Japan (maybe as well as other 2byte people).
Now I am distributing patched less for 2.1.x and RedHat7.3 
with extended lesspipe.sh from my site.

Less included in K12LTSP 3.0 is OK same as RedHat8.0.
Patch is back.

And other problem is fonts.dir file.
But now I'm not sure about this.
If I find it clealy, I tell you more.


Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
K12LTSP in Japanese ; http://open-mitch.dyndns.org/k12ltsp/

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