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[K12OSN] ISA Sound Card Setup Help..

I have a question. We are have a time getting the sound to work on the
terminals. The server produces all the sound for the terminal with the
server speakers. During the terminal boot up process, I get the following

Running Sound Server?..
/etc/modules.conf is more recent than /lib/modules/2.4.18-ltsp-1/modules.dep
SB 4.16 detected OK (220)
-	Accepting connection on port 16001

We are using an ISA Sound Blaster Card, Model CT4170 in the terminals; the
server has built in audio using an Intel main board. Do you have any

Server - P4 1.7ghz 1Gig Ram, etc. etc.
Termianls - 233Mhz, 32meg, ISA Sound Cards.

Jerome E

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