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Re: [K12OSN] Anyone using IBM N2200 8363 Thin Clients?

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 10:33:12AM -0600, dale quigg aspentech com wrote:
> Hi,
> After lurking on this list for 6 months I've finally installed my first
> k12ltsp server.  I'm using the beta from 12-Dec (one rev back) and just
> installed the "default".
> A Dell Optiplex GX-1 boots fine onto my server using PXE.
> When I tried to boot an IBM N2200 8363-AUS thin client it didn't work.  On
> the thin client the boot log contains (snippets)
> ==========
> Attempting to use BOOTP

DHCP is the way to go. (dhcpd can be configured to do BOOTP, but why
hang on to a depricated technique?)

> Waiting 4 seconds for a server to respond
> NSB72505 BOOTP options exceed the maximun allowable BOOTP Option length
> BOOTP offer from server not valid
> <repeat 2 times>
> Failed to boot after 3 attempts
> Failed to connect to a server: BOOTP
> ==========
> The settings on 8363 thin client are;
> -----------
> Network priority
> 	DHCP - disabled

So just enable DHCP then.

> 	BOOTP - First
> 	Local (NVRAM) Disabled
> Boot file source - Network
> 	Boot file server protocol
> 		TFTP - First
> 		NFS - Disabled (also did not work when this was set to
> Second)
> -----------
> This thin client only has 32MB of RAM.  Perhaps I need to add memory???

No, that's NOT the problem here. The terminal has not even booted the
kernel yet. (I daily use a client with 8Mb of RAM).

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