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Re: [K12OSN] How to make K12LTSP accessible via Internet

Stephen Liu wrote:

Hi Garret,

I have another thought. If the server is connected to broadband with dynamic IP address can the remote laptop access the server

yes. This is my config and it works well - except I am using 56K dialup - which is no difference in operation.

The steps are ;

1. Choose your Dynamic Name Service and Register with them

2. Download, install and configure an 'update' client

You will need some scripts to detect if your IP address has changed, and run again the update client script to make sure your IP address is corectly registered.

Does your ISP really change your IP address every 3-4 hours ? or only when you do a new connect ? This may confuse the update script, and you will have to work around that, but I hope not.

I use dyndns.org and the 'ipcheck' script and it works well.

Be careful that your update script does not update with the service provider excessively, or they will terminate your service. I cannot recommend any other update client except 'ipcheck' for this reason. Some update scripts behave very badly and abuse the servers.

I am familiar with DynDNS and ipcheck, and I have no problems.. so if you have difficulty with these, please ask and I can assist further.

kind regards, Steve

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