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Re: [K12OSN] Safety of Allowing Access from Internet

Todd O'Bryan wrote:

So... I would recommend against putting a K12LTSP server on the
internet.  Instead, put it behind a firewall, and forward port 22 (ssh)
from the FW to the LTSP box.

Is there a way to do this when installing? I set up "High" security and only
checked SSH when I installed K12LTSP on my server. Are there extra
steps to create a firewall, or did that do so?

that is all, with regards to the firewall.

With ssh open to the Internet, you should expect that crackers will regularly attempt to break it - trust me on this.

now you must ;

1.) Make *certain* that your sshd is the very latest one possible (for your distro) - certainly apply any updates

2.) Make *certain* up2date is registered with RedHat, and you are recieving updates automatically. (allow *outgoing* connects on this port *only*)

and then you can *mostly* relax ! 8-)

DISCLAIMER: There will be something you, and I, will have missed out.. and you still might get bitten.. 8-}

regards, Steve

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