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Re: [K12OSN] Software RAID

Shawn Powers wrote:

If I use software RAID (striped, I forget if that's 0 or 1) might it increase
my server's ability enough to tackle the chore?

not in my opinion. The problem is not the drive, but the IDE interface.

Does anyone have any experience with linux and software RAID? I make nightly backups, so short of HORRIBLE un-reliability, I'm not overly concerned about doubling my chances of a hard drive failure. Is the difference in speed noticable? Does it put a big load on the CPU? Does striping help more with large files, or small files? Both?

I run software RAID mirrored drives - I do not know what the performance issues are, as I have never run this server in any other config. However, the disk array (only two SCSI disks mirrored, 5 drives in total) is blindly fast, considering the slow processor. <O/T> and NOISY! It sounds like a jet engine at idle, and a lumpy V8 when it's busy..

This speed is particularly noticeable during the install process - everything just blinks past.. Much quicker than my IDE system that is twice the processor speed, and twice the RAM. Impressive.

Seperating the issues ;

Stripe/RAID will double your statistical chance of a HDD causing a server failure - an unacceptable risk IMO. RAID means *redundant* disks - not the other way around.

RAID is a "High Availablity" scheme - It will keep your server up in the even of a HDD failure.

If you want to try a striped array, remember that each HDD *must* be set 'primary' and placed on its' own 80-wire IDE cable.

I am thinking it would possibly be cheaper to buy an older, second-hand UW SCSI controller, and associated disks.. and faster too.. and more secure.. and easier to upgrade..

I am thinking that trying to push performance out of IDE is a lost cause - particularly for more than a few users.

regards, Steve

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