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Re: [K12OSN] Backup

Hi all,

I notice AMANDA hasn't been mentioned recently.

It does almost exactly the same thing as described below, except you
don't have to create a SAMBA share. 

I didn't get to implement AMANDA, but I know others on the list have.
>From my reading I understand AMANDA works well from a separate "backup"


On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 15:31, Dennis Kirkland wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply, but I have, untill recently, been away from my computer.  I don't know if this will help be cause of the crudness. (I'not a Linux guru)
> 1. I setup a Linux 8.0 server with an old p133 and a 20GB hdd .
> 2. Used smbmount to mount a hidden share on that server from my other servers.
> 3. Wrote a script to tarball the /etc, /home, /var/spool/mail, /var/lib/rpm, and /root directories. Then cp'ed the existing backup to another file so I at least had 2 copies of it.  
> 4. Set the script in a Cron job to run 3 time a week at midnight.
> It may be ulgy, but at least I have most oof the important files. :) BTW, if any one has suggestions about any other directires, please lest me know. Thanks and I hope this helps.
> I remain...
> Dennis Kirkland
> Network/Computer Specialist
> Cleveland ISD
> Phone: 281.593.0155 ¤ Fax: 281.593.0186
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>   From: gabriel lopez (hotmail) 
>   To: k12osn redhat com 
>   Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 9:53 AM
>   Subject: [K12OSN] Backup
>   Thanks to K12 i have a server and 5 workstations working perfectly. Has you developed  a procedure for backups so in case of a mayor problem i can restore this instalation to where it is now? 
>   Gabriel Lopez

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