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Re: [K12OSN] Safety of Allowing Access from Internet

Todd O'Bryan wrote:

Currently, I'm not open to the internet. I'm open to the county network. The problem will be convincing them to give me an IP address that's visible
from outside the county network. Some network services don't work generally because everything that goes out has to go through a proxy server.

oooo, you are royalled screwed, my Friend, to be blunt.

In all fairness to the County Network People, their business is to provide a network service. It *is* double the work to provide *eeeeverything*, and possibly outside their means or their charter to do so. Just how it is - and a brick wall I have hit myself. We attempted to ssh tunnel out via port 80, heh heh, but thought we better not..

See, your last comment is exactly the reason why the county IT people don't want to give anybody access from the outside. They're so afraid something
bad might happen that they don't want to take a chance. I can understand that on one level, but on another level, if you're so busy avoiding something bad that you prevent something good from happening (like letting my students work from home...I'm at school every day until about 4:00 and most days at least one kid is there with me), then the cyber-terrorists have won.


yes. unfortunate, but true.


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