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Re: [K12OSN] Software RAID

RAID 0 is striped
RAID 1 is mirrored
RAID 5 is striped with parity (requires as least 3 HDD: one of them dies
your server keeps running until you can replace the bad HDD.  Then the
parity on the other two drives rebuilds the array.  Two or more die and
your toast--unless you've been keeping up with your Mondo backups ;-)

I use Linux software RAID.  No problems...

James Jensen
"The only measure of what you
believe is what you do..."

--- Shawn Powers <spowers inland k12 mi us> wrote:
> A tiny bit of background before I ask my question to the group:
> I have 2 file servers, both just midrange PIII Dell workstations (due to
> budget) that run netatalk.  I realize this isn't the netatalk list, but
> LTSP has the same type of serverload that my mac clients put on our
> servers.  Tons of tiny preference files are constantly updated, copied,
> etc.  (In fact, I've never had anything hammer on a file server like
> Macintosh Manager's preference system, but that's another story...)
> While the network card is only 100Mbit, I think the bottleneck in my
> systems are the hard drives (just IDE drives, no cash for SCSI here!)  If
> I use software RAID (striped, I forget if that's 0 or 1) might it
> increase
> my server's ability enough to tackle the chore?  (And make it worth my
> while to work over the weekend to make it happen. :)
> Does anyone have any experience with linux and software RAID?  I make
> nightly backups, so short of HORRIBLE un-reliability, I'm not overly
> concerned about doubling my chances of a hard drive failure.  Is the
> difference in speed noticable?  Does it put a big load on the CPU?  Does
> striping help more with large files, or small files?  Both?
> I hope the questions aren't too mac-centric for this list -- I'm really
> more concerned with file sharing in general, not netatalk specific.
> Thank you again. *THIS* is one of the best parts about OS software, and
> the OS community in general.
> -Shawn Powers
> -- 
> Shawn Powers
> Technology Director
> Inland Lakes Schools
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> FAX: 509-356-7024
> spowers inland k12 mi us

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