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Re: [K12OSN] Software RAID

I wonder how the new WD HDD's with 8mb cache would fair in a software RAID
array.  They're pretty speedy drives.  Has anyone tried?

James Jensen
"The only measure of what you
believe is what you do..."

--- Steve Wright <paua quicksilver net nz> wrote:
> Shawn Powers wrote:
> >If I use software RAID (striped, I forget if that's 0 or 1) might it
> increase
> >my server's ability enough to tackle the chore?
> >
> not in my opinion.  The problem is not the drive, but the IDE interface.
> >
> >Does anyone have any experience with linux and software RAID?  I make
> >nightly backups, so short of HORRIBLE un-reliability, I'm not overly
> >concerned about doubling my chances of a hard drive failure.  Is the
> >difference in speed noticable?  Does it put a big load on the CPU?  Does
> >striping help more with large files, or small files?  Both?
> >
> I run software RAID mirrored drives - I do not know what the performance 
> issues are, as I have never run this server in any other config. 
>  However, the disk array (only two SCSI disks mirrored, 5 drives in 
> total) is blindly fast, considering the slow processor. <O/T> and NOISY! 
>  It sounds like a jet engine at idle, and a lumpy V8 when it's busy..
> This speed is particularly noticeable during the install process - 
> everything just blinks past..  Much quicker than my IDE system that is 
> twice the processor speed, and twice the RAM.  Impressive.
> Seperating the issues ;
> Stripe/RAID will double your statistical chance of a HDD causing a 
> server failure - an unacceptable risk IMO.  RAID means *redundant* disks 
> - not the other way around.
> RAID is a "High Availablity" scheme - It will keep your server up in the 
> even of a HDD failure.
> If you want to try a striped array, remember that each HDD *must* be set 
> 'primary' and placed on its' own 80-wire IDE cable.
> I am thinking it would possibly be cheaper to buy an older, second-hand 
> UW SCSI controller, and associated disks..  and faster too.. and more 
> secure.. and easier to upgrade..
> I am thinking that trying to push performance out of IDE is a lost cause 
> - particularly for more than a few users.
> regards,
> Steve

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