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Re: [K12OSN] How to make K12LTSP accessible via Internet

Stephen Liu wrote:

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 02:05, Steve Wright wrote:

You will need some scripts to detect if your IP address has changed, and run again the update client script to make sure your IP address is corectly registered.

What scripts shall I use for this purpose? Is it 'ipcheck'mentioned
below? Can I find these scripts from Internet on search.

The script is called 'ipcheck.py' and google will locate it for you.

You must register with DynDNS before you can use the ipcheck.py script.

Use this script with the DynDNS servers. It is very easy to test, configure, and it does not upset the DynDNS system.

If your ISP will just leave your IP address alone you will be fine with ipcheck. 8-)

If your ISP *must* change your IP a lot, then you may have to make another little script to check, and maybe then run ipcheck.py to do a new update.

Do NOT run ipcheck.py every five minutes, or DynDNS will kick you off and terminate your service. heh heh..

Or just from
Console window to find out the IP address of the broadband and notify
myself on email?

eeeew, no. ipcheck does it all properly. execute ipcheck.py - nothing else to be done. There will be an error from this script if there is a problem.

regards, Steve

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