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Re: [K12OSN] Tiny Little Users

On Thu, 01 Jan 1970, Shawn Powers wrote:

> My question finally?  There was a thread a while back, where someone 
> tried to make a "default" desktop/login, and integrate it into the 
> /etc/skel -- did that ever work?  I know there were permission problems, 
> etc, but it sure does make sense.  Also -- Eric, what does the "restore 
> desktop" script of yours do?  Does it read from the /etc/skel?   I 
> know... I could go read the script, but I figure you'd know the answer 
> offhand. :)
> Thanks for any insight -- I really just want to make adding users 
> something the teacher can do, and not dread...

I have a script I run on template skel files.

I use LDAP authentication.

I create an entry in LDAP, and then rely on the mkhomedir pam module
to create the home directory from the /etc/skel directory.

After they have logged in, skel files are copied from that
location, and modified by an /etc/profile.d/ script.

The company is wizzy, so excuse all the wizzy references ..

I append a shar of my skel dir, and a script to unpack them.

It allows me to 'register' my use of galeon, and set up galeon's proxy.

Cheers,    Andy!

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