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Re: [K12OSN] Frustration

Dave Prentice wrote:

Help, anybody!

ok, here we go ;

Lets get you a proper etherboot image first. Consider also, asking google http://www.google.com/search?q=3c515+etherboot

The 515 is an ISA PNP card - which means it has to be 'activated' first. Hopefully, you can turn ISA plug-and-play ON in the BIOS and try the same etherboot disk again.. or maybe run a DOS utility on it.. ugh..

Also see this ;

and this ;

I am assuming there is NO on-board ethernet ? If you have an on-board ethernet, you must ensure it is disabled in the BIOS first.

That out of the way, you should be able to biff one of your donated network cards in, insert etherboot image floppy, and test with it.

You have two unfortunate situations, unfortunately.. 8-)

1.) These compaqs *can be* a pain in the butt.

2.) You have lotsa free network cards - but no etherboot drivers..

So we are going to have to ignore (1) for now <wince>, and just try *every* *possible* etherboot disk under the sun until one works. Then we will go on to your server config.

So, open your browser, go to rom-o-matic, and get any and all etherboot images that even *smell* like your NIC.. download lots, and test them one by one. Yup, it's gonna take an hour or two.

If you cannot find an etherboot image for your card, then you *may* have the one-in-a-million card that doesn't work with etherboot.. I doubt it though. It's just a matter of finding it. This is the problem with old gear - like mine.. 8-)

   I tried several other types of (10mb) NICs, but not a single type
that I have (eexpress, 3c509, SMC EtherEZ, etc.) has a boot image on
K12LTSP or rom-o-matic. Here's a simple way to find out if a NIC is
supported: if I have it, it isn't.

yeah, these compaqs don't make life easy either..

I am so frustrated with LTSP that I am ready to throw it all away.

8-( Please understand, with older gear, it *is* going to be a serious mind-warp. We can help, and we will. But some days, you are really gonna havta suck your gut, and your pride in, grit your teeth, drink some serious coffee, and try again.

How did I cope as a newbie? I bought a $500 coffee machine, and learned the art of using Google.

oh, and "timeout!" when you and your PC are not coping.

you'll be fine. 8-)

regards, Steve

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