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Re: [K12OSN] Accessing LTSP server from Linux

Alan A Hodson said:

> What I thought was going to be an easy find has stumped me: on a given
> network (shared switch), how do you log into an up-and-running K12LTSP
> server from a box running Linux (RH8)? - I've tried several -querys to
> no avail... I have a lab with a few Thin Clients properly working and I
> am considering partitioning some windoze machines with Linux for the
> purpose of allow them to log into the LTSP environment when needed...

rom-o-matic.org has LILO bootable Etherboot ROM images if you are using
LILO as your bootloader. Given that you're running RH8.0, your probably
not. Dunno if these work w/ grub. Plus, you'd have to reboot. Ugh....

I'm surprised "X -query <IP of term server>" doesn't work. Looks like
that's essentially all that the Mac OS X/XDarwin setup does:


-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

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