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Re: [K12OSN] Frustration

Bert & I are destined to use old client machines! ;-)

I have some ancient Prolinea 486 boxes.  They have one PCI slot.  I throw
in a $10 Reltek-based 10/100 PCI NIC in that slot and they fly.  Of course
you have create a custom boot floppy from rom-o-matic with that
"NO_DELAYED_INT" or "CONFIG_PCI_DIRECT" (I can't recall which at the
moment) and away they go...

I have mounds of 10Mbit 3com cards that I'm going to rid myself of, maybe
I'll try one of those in the Prolinea and see what happens.  But for $10,
100Mbit (full-duplex) is *much* nicer.  Makes that 486 a real machine again
with LTSP.

James Jensen
The only measure of what you
believe is what you do..."

--- Bert Rolston <bert rolston clear net nz> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Could you tell me what model of Compaq you have.
> I've tried getting a couple of Prolinea 486/33 to work without success.
> The same 3c509 worked fine in an old clone 486.
> I have Compaq training, so i know these machines reasonably well. 
> The school I used to work at has Deskpro 5133 machine which work well as
> terminals.
> I didn't get a lot of time to make the 486's work so it may still be
> possible.
> In my limited experience, some hardware doesn't play well with K12LTSP.
> Cheers,
> Bert

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