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[K12OSN] ver 3 and several problem


Thanx, Eric, for help!

> It sounds like you don't have the latest-and-greatest build of the 
> v3.0 beta.  I just did a test install with the latest build, selecting
> only Estonian, and it boots my terminals.

No, they where latest with latest rpm's (I found all rpm's in latest
beta (02.12) were already updated except mozilla)

> Below are a few tips to work around known problems with older builds.

> Run this command:
> 	ldconfig -c /opt/ltsp/i386

did'nt help

> You will probably also want to turn on XFS, in 
> /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf
> 	USE_XFS = Y

Yes, this was the problem!
But I found something new: All other terminals (with CL, ATI and Matrox)
works OK except with S3Trio video!!!!!
On other terminald (working one) I see same errors for a moment, but
after 3 or 4 flicks login screen appears. On S3 cards it gives up and
writes error message.
I doubt there is something still wrong but how and where I can see
terminal's error log??
Why I have problems with S3-s?

After USE_XFS = Y these S3 cards boots nicely too. But also in this case
I think I can see (for a short moment) some kind of warning message.

> 	# RCFILE_01  = floppyd

Yes, it was uncommented but was not reason for giving up.

> >ERROR! No root-path. Vheck DHCP conf, option root-path.
> Would you mind posting your working v2.1 dhcpd.conf & your 
> non-working v3.0
> dhcpd.conf?

I solved this problem - it was another (non booting) MS DHCP server :)

But new Q: From console in every app in Gnome knows Estonian special
chars. Ö and Ü and Ä and Õ.
But from remote terminal the same keyb. key gives like US layout or

In lts.conf language setting is ee.


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