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Re: [K12OSN] Accessing LTSP server from Linux

Alan A Hodson wrote:

Yes, this way I can connect one machine to the server. My situation is I
need to connect 10 windows machines to the Terminal Server, so this
solution may fall short of that goal, no?
I still need the imput of the creative collective on this one...

The *most* simple, is to use an etherboot floppy. ssh works when the client machine is another Linux system, when you *need* to have that system booted.

3 scenarios ;

1.) etherboot floppy - the remote PC is an LTSP terminal, and does not require even a HDD. Etherboot will ask <N>etwork or <L>ocal boot. The simplest, and easiest to implement.

2.) ssh - the remote PC is a booted-up Linux system running X - the classic way of networking between Linux boxen. Required when the remote PC *must* have its' system running for some reason.

3.) windows boot menu - the remote PC is a windows system with a boot menu - very similar to 1.)

note: A remote Linux PC can be configured in almost any concievable manner at all. It is only limited by your imagination. Have you seen "The Matrix" ? *free* *your* *mind* - just believe.... 8-)

HTH, Steve

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