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Re: [K12OSN] Frustration

MK Murlas wrote:

That is easy for me to answer...all the books and the
literature says it should be easy, so you think you are
missing something simple.

This is unfortunate, as a lot of the time it is not so easy.

Often, the statement "it is easy" means that it can actually be accomplished, compared to various proprietry operating systems, where it is utterly impossible, unless you spend $10k on yet more proprietry software, and then obsolete it in 3 years...

How 'easy' it will be generally depends on 'how many people have done it before you'. Take K12LTSP for example - *many* people have done it, now it's a plug-and-play install. (Getting *some* terminals running can be a PITA, I admit..)

I admit, that newbies are led to believe their admin life will be simple, when the reality is more like "serious mind bender", and I accept

Linux has gotten better and better, but it is not a
quick and easy solution with you have the variables of
processors, cards, monitors, and it goes on.

It's not too bad for the Server itself, as the combination of Installer, Kudzu, and the Kernel can autodetect most things. It is harder to do that with terminals, particularly legacy terminals.

By the way, how are these questions and answeres categorized for future reference? Are they?

A very good question, which brings me to my next point.


Every List I belong to has its' archives indexed by google. *Always* start with searching google, no matter how trivial or complex.

Effectively using Google is an *Art*. Everyone new to Linux should spend their first month hammering google incessantly, and then, every time you have a question, ask google *first*. You will find either a HOWTO on the subject, and archived discussion somewhere, or even a complete website devoted to the subject.

I also bought a cheap laser printer and a binding solution, and I print out manuals galore and carry a relevant one with me for light reading.

HTH, Steve

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