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Re: [K12OSN] Re: K12OSN digest, Vol 1 #633 - 15 msgs

Hi Tony,

More below....

> Okay,  I used the k12ltsp cds.

Have you checked the archives for any known issues along the lines you
have mentioned?

James Jensen gave a really good method using Google in one of today's

> I have simply tried to connect my Frnakenstein box, here, directly to the
> internet with an external DSL modem, provided by my internet provider.

OK so the ADSL box will be configured correctly for the ISP. 

> I am using the very same modem presently to connect from my other monster, > a PC that I have built, as well, running Psyche from the redhat cds

So it MAY (or may not) be the differences in K12LTSP
> I used to run the k12ltsp 1.0 on the box I am presently writing on, as well.  

Different beast, different problems. This is a red herring.

> So I have connected through this modem with several distros, but not on the machine in question. 

Have you tried the 'problem' K12LTSP CDs on a different machine?

> Previously when I tried to upgrade from the k12ltsp 1.0 to the 2.0 on my main box (this one on which I am typing) > I had the same issues (eventually upgraded to Psyche instead).

OK, I vaguely remember some issues with a 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade. These can
be found in the archive. 
Again this is irrelevant to the current problem, unless you have
upgraded on top of a previously upgraded machine.

Have you tried a clean install onto the problem hardware?

Is the hardware in the RedHat hardware compatibility list?

> So, the issue seems to be in the k12ltsp 2.0 (rh 7.3 based version) as far as I can tell. > Like, perhaps I ahve done somethig incorrectly. 

Not necessarily so.

I stuck K12LTSP on this machine and had some issues. Then I did a fresh
install of v2.0, no problems, then I removed a hard drive and lost my
MBR (DOH!), so did a fresh install of RH7.3, again no problems.

Are you sure all of the hardware is working correctly? FWIW I have found
hardware that stumbles along in Windows, but just won't work in Linux,
because it was getting close to failing.

> However, I set up the connection much the same as I did when using the k12ltsp 1.0, and psyche.  
> I don't have any IP addresses to give, becuase the ip is server assigned/dynamic.
> I have not networked these machines yet, although I have been sharing an internet connection from my main box (this one) and my iBOOK, through a copmaq iPaq switch.
> I did try to connect through the switch on the new little monster....Hmmm...
> Maybe I should go directly to the modem.

There are still too many unresolved variables in this equation Tony.

What is the current hardware setup for 
a) your working machine?
b) the problem machine?

> If I can get this to work, I would go directly from the modem to the new box, > then out to the switch to network the main box and iBook together.

The diagram I put in my last message will give you a working setup for
your network, but that comes later. First things first. You've got to
get the K12LTSP machine up and running.

> I have not done this previously and have no real experience developing a network, > so I am going slowly.  I don't even know what netmasks are, really... 

You will need to know how TCP/IP addressing and netmasks work, otherwise
you will not be able to fix some very simple problems. 

If you don't get this stuff right your network WILL NOT work. 

There are soe good articles on the MS Technet website (yes they can do
some things well). I'm sure others will have useful info on this as

It would pay to work through the network admin stuff on the K12LTSP /
OSN website.

> Another thing that may be relevant is that I have not installed an 
> ethernet card in to this new machine, but used a mobo that had it onboard.

K12LTSP looks for 2 NICS.

> I set up the firewall to the "1" setting when setting up the connection, > same as I have on this machine I am using now.

Get the machine running first, then worry about this stuff.
> Tony

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