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Re: [K12OSN] Boot terminals from HD?

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 15:55, Utsav Pardasani wrote:
> Actually, I was thinking of something similar, but along the lines of instead of downloading a
> kernel, why not have an entire filesystem Hard Disk and have it do an X -broadcast.  It can't be
> more than 10-20mbs and would save the server significant bandwidth.
> Although having a hard disk does defeat the purpose of having a "dumb terminal"

Hello Utsav,

Here's the situation. Our PK-8 school just had 205 Small form factor
Compaq PII's 366 MHz and better donated to it. They are due to arrive
the 2nd week of January. 

They all have W2K pre-loaded and come with the MS OS Licenses. This
donation will put 6 networked PCs in every classroom (As you can imagine
the school is very charged up about this.) This also will replace the
Pentium 133's that are being used as K12LTSP terminals in our lab.

Our school uses Accelerated Reader extensively and grades PK - 3 uses or
would like to use more edutainment games. I cannot justify purchasing
Crossover Office to get these apps to work marginally on Linux. So I
will now be supporting 205 W2k and 50 W95 Desktops. The Lab will be dual
boot. It remains to be seen what will happen out in the classrooms.

It is important to me that we keep K12LTSP on the desktop. Having a good
way to dual boot will be critical to this out in the classrooms. I am
installing StarOffice as the standard office suite and adding Mozilla or
Netscape and the Gimp to the W2K side. This will add some continuity
across OS's. Given the choice of which OS to use while working with
Office apps or Web Browsing I am thinking/hoping K12LTS will be the
preferred choice.

To quote my wife who was the Tech Coordinator until the budget cut: 
"Is this the end of the Terminal Project at St. Mary's?"
Well I hope not. I think things are moving along quite well with

How irksome and time consuming it's going to be to maintain all these
standalone boxes.

Hmm... makes me wonder, "What is the standard ratio of PCs to Tech


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