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Re: [K12OSN] Boot terminals from HD?

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 12:55:35PM -0800, Utsav Pardasani wrote:
> Actually, I was thinking of something similar, but along the lines of instead of downloading a
> kernel, why not have an entire filesystem Hard Disk and have it do an X -broadcast.  It can't be
> more than 10-20mbs and would save the server significant bandwidth.

I don't know the environment, but that bandwidth is only an issue when
and if many terminals boot simultaneously. When the terminals have
booted, I doubt that the terminals need those files again so often
that it makes a difference to the bandwidth of the network.

> Although having a hard disk does defeat the purpose of having a "dumb terminal"

Not entirely. It will only be inconvenient when upgrading kernel and
X, not when upgrading the applications on the server. Harddisks will
fail sooner or later though, and most of them are noisy, and they will
consume power, and generate heat. OTOH for low-end terminals with 10
Mbit NICs, they can provide faster swap than NFS do.

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