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[K12OSN] Still HELP!

Funny, I sent this before my little note about Frustration, but it appears to have gotten lost in cyberspace....

Ok. So my terminal monitors are still going haywire. It's a psychedelic kind of rotating effect.

I currently have:
XSERVER = cirrus
X_MODE_0 = 800x600 74 49.50 800 832 1016 1048 600 611 617 631

I'm pretty sure this is not right. I've checked the modeline generator, but I have trouble filling
in all the required info. If someone could please clue me in, I'd really appreciate it. I've checked the documentation,
but I don't know exactly how to put together a working X section.

I have Cirrus Logic cards in old Compaq Pentiums being used with standard SVGA monitors, and would like to get
800x600 resolution (which is possible since I had it until everything died). Oh yeah, and I'll write it down somewhere this time!!!

Thanks in advance,

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