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RE: [K12OSN] Authenticate to Windows 2000

I have downloaded SFU and installed it on my Windows 2000 server.  With
this and the info Eric gave me, I hope to be able to get this done.  I
now think it is an issue of configuration.  I just wish I know if my
problem is on the Windows side or the Linux side.  (Of course, most
people on this list would say that the problem MUST be on the Windows
side of things :)  

I guess I will be learning more about LDAP and Windows authentication in
the coming days.

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> Both active directory & NDS can speak LDAP. I have not tried this with
> either, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction...

Note: Active Directory will speak LDAP, but you can only use it to
authenticate Linux/UNIX clients if you have SFU (Services For Unix)
installed, I'm pretty sure it's a free download, but you need it,
otherwise the LDAP information is missing the attributes used by
pam_ldap and nss_ldap

Shahms E. King <shahms shahms com>

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