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[K12OSN] booting terminals as kiosks was: 0-character length password

Henning Petersen Wangerin wrote:


After that the account will be accessible without a password.

I'm working on a simular thing for an informations-terminal, running
off an ltsp server.

I require a ws to automatically logon to the server when booted. Then
only thing the ws should be doing is show a webpage, witch is
automaticaly updated every xx seconds.

If you need *only* a web browser, you will be much more secure to not log them in at all.. 8-)

would it be ideal if you could ;

1.)  boot a diskless client
2.)  load a a local GUI on it
3.)  load up netscape/mozilla/konqueror/whatever
4.)   err, that's it !

What you will have, is no one logged in to your precious Server, and a browser running.. From the perspective of security, once a cracker is logged-in as one of your users, the quest for 'root' is mostly won.

I think this is called a kiosk. Perhaps search google for "kiosk howto" as I recall there was an in-depth article on it.

I have been aware from some time, that K12LTSP has the opportunity, and often the requirement to boot other 'appliances' than just terminals.

If folks have modified configs such as /etc/dhcpd.conf to boot preset machines as 'special' configurations, viz, kiosks, firewalls, and other little pieces of trickery, I wonder if they would describe them? We could perhaps place these options (commented out) in dhcpd.conf, so they bring such a machine into service simply by uncommenting a line in a config file..


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