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Re: [K12OSN] [Fwd: [NZOSS-OpenChat] Largo, FL a year later.]

Jim Wildman wrote:

No, it is not LTSP because they built it themselves without using the
ltsp packages, etc.  Very possible to do, it just takes a little more

I was using P75 machines for diskful clients in '97.

/me - surprised..

I would have thought they would not re-invent the wheel. perhaps the LTSP packages were entirely un-suitable for their needs.

What is apparant to me now, is these good folks possibly have an entirely different paradigm to us, since they built it independently. Therefore, there are likely to be major differences in structure that we may benefit from. I particularly note their larger structure - something a single K12LTSP Terminal Server would baulk at.

How can we get a look 'inside' ?

I began booting thin clients some time back when I thought it would be a cool idea. I didn't know about LTSP, or K12LTSP. It was a fairly serious mindwarp building it from scratch.


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