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Re: [K12OSN] [Fwd: [NZOSS-OpenChat] Largo, FL a year later.]

On Wednesday 11 Dec 2002 7:20 am, Steve Wright wrote:

> I would have thought they would not re-invent the wheel.  perhaps the
> LTSP packages were entirely un-suitable for their needs.
I think they probably started this a while ago.  And the bulk of LTSP relates 
to the remote-booting of the clients running X - these guys seem to use 
dedicated terminals for this, so they probably wouldnt benefit so much.

> What is apparant to me now, is these good folks possibly have an
> entirely different paradigm to us, since they built it independently.
>  Therefore, there are likely to be major differences in structure that
> we may benefit from.  I particularly note their larger structure -
> something a single K12LTSP Terminal Server would baulk at.
> How can we get a look 'inside'  ?

I recall an article some time back that looked in-depth at the structure of 
this system.  (google will probably help there).  The main thing that I 
recall is that they use a single server to serve a KDE desktop, but when 
users start certain apps they use rsh to start them on a different server - 
so they have specific "application servers" to run certain apps.

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