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Re: [K12OSN] Boot terminals from HD?

>It is important to me that we keep K12LTSP on the desktop. Having a good
>way to dual boot will be critical to this out in the classrooms. I am
>installing StarOffice as the standard office suite and adding Mozilla or
>Netscape and the Gimp to the W2K side. This will add some continuity
>across OS's. Given the choice of which OS to use while working with
>Office apps or Web Browsing I am thinking/hoping K12LTS will be the
>preferred choice.

If you have hard-disk space to spare on each machine:

Consider installing a custom linux distro and do an X -broadcast, as I mentioned.  If you have an
entire class booting linux, it may save time. (I haven't tried it, but I plan to eventually as I
think we're in the same boat)  

Then use g4u (Ghost for Unix) and ghost it, it'll ghost everything including the MBR, from what I
know.  That should fix about all the machines for dual boot.

Or you can use a .com etherboot image.  There was a short tutorial on linux.com a few years ago on
who to use loadlin from editing the windows command.com and autoexec.bat as mentioned before.

Best of luck!!

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