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Re: [K12OSN] [Fwd: [NZOSS-OpenChat] Largo, FL a year later.]

> No, it is not LTSP because they built it themselves without using the
> ltsp packages, etc.  Very possible to do, it just takes a little more

> > Is it 'not LTSP' because the NCD terminals they use don't load linux?  Do 
> > they use some sort of proprietary X server?
> > 
> > Petre

They actually do an Rsh
http://dot.kde.org/995949998/  #That is actually a bit older
for more details.

Can someone explain to the rest how it works.  I understand rsh displays the application from the
server, but how do the terminals boot in the first place.

My impression is that they mount the filesystem via NFS and then that filesystem loads KDE, which
in turn does the rsh command from everything in the K menu.
(I am probably wrong)


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