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Re: [K12OSN] Boot terminals from HD?

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 05:02, Bert Rolston wrote:
> <SNIP>
> > So I will now be supporting 205 W2k and 50 W95 Desktops. The Lab will be dual
> > boot. It remains to be seen what will happen out in the classrooms.
> You poor thing.
> Do you know how to use MS policy editor?
> Does your school have an SMS server, or some other way to re-image
> machines quickly when Windows breaks?

No SMS. I have been using Ghost. We have a "lite" version that we
purchased 3 years ago  at one point I could multi-cast the image. I
added a patch 2 years ago and bang no more multi-cast. 

Norton's answer: 

"Oh you need to purchase the enterprise version"  

I didn't need it when I first purchased it! Don't get me started on that
> How much MS system specific training do you have?

Self trained MCSE -- MSSQL Server 6.5, NT 4.0, Win9.x 
Acquired before the plethora of Brian dumps, Exam Crams etc.

> I was looking after approx 100 W95/8 machines. The school only employed
> me for 30 hrs.
> That, plus adding users to the network on a regular basis, trying to fix
> broken machines as they came up, regularly upgrading the school admin
> software, updating anti-virus, lot of ad-hoc user support and most of
> the software we used. 
> I never actually had time to automate some of the tasks!

You describe my week to a tee!

More later, off to the LUG Christmas party.

> > It is important to me that we keep K12LTSP on the desktop. Having a good
> > way to dual boot will be critical to this out in the classrooms. I am
> > installing StarOffice as the standard office suite and adding Mozilla or
> > Netscape and the Gimp to the W2K side. This will add some continuity
> > across OS's. Given the choice of which OS to use while working with
> > Office apps or Web Browsing I am thinking/hoping K12LTS will be the
> > preferred choice.
> > 
> > To quote my wife who was the Tech Coordinator until the budget cut: 
> > "Is this the end of the Terminal Project at St. Mary's?"
> >  
> > Well I hope not. I think things are moving along quite well with
> > K12LTSP. 
> > 
> > How irksome and time consuming it's going to be to maintain all these
> > standalone boxes.
> That's where the K12LTSP system will shine. Change it once at the server
> and everyone should see the changes.
> > Hmm... makes me wonder, "What is the standard ratio of PCs to Tech
> > Personnel?"
> Something like 1 tech to 30 - 50 win boxes or 1 tech to 60 MACs.

> The PC ratio was better in the bad old DOS days!
> > John 
> > 
> Good luck, you're going to need it.
> Cheers,
> Bert
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