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Re: [K12OSN] XWindows Help

That's them, I think. Certainly that's the video chip and the machines are 133MHz Pentiums from Compaq.


On Tuesday, December 10, 2002, at 11:20 AM, Dan Young wrote:

Todd O'Bryan wrote:
I desperately have to get my lab up again.
I've googled for specs on my monitor and video card but still can't find the Dot Clock Frequency and
I'm not sure which driver I should be using as my XSERVER setting.
Can someone please take pity on me?

What is the model number on the workstation and its video chip?

I thought you had said it was a Compaq. I've been fiddling (somewhat successfully) with a bunch of Deskpro 5133 boxes w/ Cirrus Logic GD5436 video. I've got similar video in Unisys workstations also.


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