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Re: [K12OSN] A little progress...


Take a look at the http://www.ltsp.org/instructions-3.0.html

Down near the bottom of that doc, it explains the option-128
and option-129 values.

Hope that helps,

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Dave Prentice wrote:

> Y'all,
>     Since the 3c515 NIC wouldn't work in the old Compaq 486s, I tried
> it in a Compaq P90. Finally, it gets pretty far through the boot
> sequence. However, after doing its DHCPrequest, getting DHCPOFFER and
> getting responses back and forth with the server several times, it
> gives the following message:
> mounting /proc
> ERROR! Could not automatically detect the network card.
> PCI cards should be detected automatically. ISA cards cannot be
> detected,
> so they require the NIC driver to be specified in a "NIC=" parameter
> to be passed on the kernel command line, usually specified in
> option-129, in the /etc/dhcpd.conf file.
> Kernel panic
>     I went into the etc/dhcpd.conf file and specified the "NIC=3c515",
> which should be perfectly valid, on option-129. I even put in the mac
> address of the client's NIC to be tied to a specific IP address for
> host ws001. So why do I keep getting this message, and what do I do
> about it?
>     Perhaps it has something to do with another line in dhcpd.conf,
> the one that says option option-128. It looks like a mac address also,
> but it's the same for all the ws00x entries. Any ideas what that line
> is supposed to say?
>     Thanks,
> Dave Prentice
> prentice instruction com
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