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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP Desktop Management References

Hi Mike,

Bert Rolston here.

In v2.0 it was possible to assign KDE menu items by group.

This was done by going to the /etc/x11/applnk folder and altering group
permissions on each applnk.

You have to follow the links back to their locations. The app folder
should have the same group permissions.

I think this works for GNOME as well, but haven't tested it.

If you google the archives and use my name and KDE you may find some
useful hints.

All my notes for this are at the school I used to work for, sorry I
can't be more helpful.


On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 00:07, Mike Oligney wrote:
> HI All
> I have been monitoring this forum for some time now as I test a K12LTSP
> Red Hat 7.3 implementation.Things are going very well and I can see
> where I can replace some of our Win 98 Citrix stations and some of our
> Apple implementations with LTSP. My stumbling block is finding any
> support documentation for desktop management functions.For instance if I
> want a short cut to a program to appear on all desktops where is the
> default desktop I would place it? Another would be how to remove items
> from the menu on the KDE  desktop without deinstalling them or removing
> them from root.
> My friend Google seems to be failing me on this one. Any references to
> support documents I may have missed would be greatly appreciated.
> Mike Oligney
> Lowell Area Schools
>  .
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