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[K12OSN] RE: [K12OSN]Compaq Presario P133

Tom,  I too have cussed and discussed the P133 as a client but I
finally did get them (20) to work using 3c509b cards.
   1.  install a hard drive in the P133 ( temporarily )
   2.  use the Compaq diagnostic disks to check/setup the 3c509b card
   3.  note the IRQ and address of the 3c509b
   4.  remove the hard drive
   5.  The following is from my old memory but trial and error
       led me to the following entry in the dhcpd.conf file
       option option-129     "NIC=3c509 0x300 5";
       Note that there is no "=" signs for the IRQ and IO but this
       is what worked.

The above worked but I changed from 3c509b (ISA) to 3c905b (PCI)
cards for speed reasons and all worked very well.  I again had to
do the hard disk/diagnostics thing again.  I had to use
the rom-o-matic site to create a diskette for the 3c905b that
a parameter was set to check the bios of the pc because the P133
could not reply with the PCI settings.

[rant on]
The Compaq P133's are very cheap in that people apologize and
throw in things that are useful when they give Compaq's to me.
The need for the "special" Compaq diskette drives and power supplies
makes me keep several parts computers on hand.  I would never use these
computers again but I have to support (read volunteer) the LAN I built.
[rant off]

Jim Rich
azrich earthlink net
Why have winter when you have Tucson

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I have a Compaq Presario P133 with a riser board for the expansion slots. I
could not get any isa nic to work for LTSP or a collection of RedHat,
Debian and Suse distros. We tried 3-4 brands of nics. But Windows 9x works
like a champ every time. No amount of twiddling with dhchp or ltsp would
make it recognize an isa nic. I scrapped the Presario for parts.

Some Compaq designs are very odd. For instance, to access the BIOS of the
Presario above you needed a Compaq diagnostic partition on the local hard
drive -- no local hard drive or no Compaq partition, no BIOS access. We've
had problems with Compaq 486's too. Various members of my LUG won't touch
older Compaq boxes for any reason; they consider them useless for GNU/Linux.

Hans seems to have a promising workaround in compiling the nic module in
the kernel.


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