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Re: [K12OSN] interesting DHCP issue with v3

Mella wrote:

I found strange thing:

I boot terminal from boot floppy (bootrom image).
I have 2 DHCP servers (same conf, same port, but one without settings).
One is LTSP and another is WinNT4.

If I boot with 3com 9xx card, it boots correctly, if it gets adress from
right (LTSP) server. If not, it don't boot at all.
But if I boot with NE2000 ISA card, it boots from right server (LTSP),
gets kernel and all seems OK.
Until it want do something with root partition. And then it give Panic.
And error is something about missing "option 128".

if there are two DHCP servers running on the same LAN, one DHCP Server will respond first. It is impossible to guess which server will reply first.

Remember, than there are *two* DHCP requests from a booting terminal, and both replies must be from the same server.

The DHCP Servers can be configured to ignore booting clients that are not relevant to them. This is rather complicated to do from scratch.

regards, Steve

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