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Re: [K12OSN] Re: a little progress

Hi Dave,

More below....

> Yes, I got the image from rom-o-matic. It boots and loads for about a
> minute and a half until the "Kernel Panic" error comes up. I couldn't
> see any of the rom-o-matic options that would allow me to put on the
> client's boot floppy the parameter that the NIC is a 3c515. It seems

OK, on the Rom-O-Matic website choose the 3c515 bootrom image. Then
press the custom rom image button.

This will load another page with the default 3c515 options selected,
then you have to scroll through all the options. There are options for
all sorts of things, including forcing PCI (or something like that).

When you have selected the options you want then you will be able to
download a rom with these otions set. 

I did this with some old Compaq Deskpro 5133's and their onboard AMD
NICs work like a dream. 

For all the other Compaq users out there, I'm sure you could get similar
results for other Compaqs EXCEPT machines with the Thunderlan chipset. 

One thing to remember, older Compaqs don't seem to disable the onboard
NIC correctly using their setup/diags software, so don't even try to put
another NIC in the machine unless the onboard has totally failed.

You can download the setup and diags from the compaq website and run it
from 2 floopy disks, so you don't need a hard drive.


BTW - I've got Compaq training on their hardware, so if anyone has
Compaq specific questions I may be able to help. 

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