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Re: [K12OSN] connection is up, but attempts to access the internet all fail

--- Calvin Dodge <caldodge fpcc net> wrote:
>On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 07:04:28AM -0800, anthony baldwin wrote:
>> My first request for assistance with this issue was summarily ignored.
>> I'm a little stupefied.  I have never been just ignored, no matter how stupid
>> my questions were...
>Perhaps nobody else has your setup?
>Would you send your pppoe configuration file(s) to me?  I can compare them with the system I set up for a friend a few months ago.
>Calvin Dodge
>Certified Linux Bigot (tm)

Boy do I feel silly...
I had set up my RH 7.2 and my  RH 8.0 both to acquire DNS from the server automatically, and that worked, but not with Valhalla.
I went back and redid /adsl-setup and entered the actual DNS server addresses,
and, wouldn't you know it-Problem Solved!
Just smack me...
Well, I guess I am learning, anyway.


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