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[K12OSN] Macromedia Flash 6 plugin


Thursday (12/12/2002) Macromedia released Flash 6 for Linux x86.  I
have obtained permission from Macromedia to redistribute their plugin
in Linux friendly ways.  At this site there are RPM packages for
Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and Conectiva, with convenient apt-get and
urpmi repositories for optional automated installation/updates.
Gentoo and Debian users can use their normal apt/emerge to install
the plugin.  Read the site for more details.

This plugin seems to be stable in all instances, even with LTSP
remote X which for nearly 2 years was broken with Linux Flash 5.
Finally Linux has a stable native Flash plugin, something very
necessary for mass market acceptance of Linux as a desktop.

Warren Togami
warren togami com


If you haven't tried apt-get for Red Hat, please try it, you will like the benefits of being able to use 3rd party repositories. (I'm soon publishing k12ltsp apt repository.)


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