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[K12OSN] Japaneized less (Was: Mozilla & xinetd updates)

Nice to meet you again, Eric.
Sorry for delay.

On Sat, 7 Dec 2002 15:37:52 -0800 (PST)
Eric Harrison <eharrison mail mesd k12 or us> wrote:
Re: [K12OSN] Mozilla & xinetd updates

> >Were they coming from my site? check their referer in your httpd_log.
> >Maybe so, 'Cause I put a News on my top page about new 3.0 beta has released.
> >
> >I don't know how many people using K12LTSP in Japan.
> >No result from google except my site
> >So none using K12LTSP in Japan, I think.
> Very few hits in my logs from Japan. 

oops. it was my hasty conclusion.
Anyway number of visitors is growing up.
They stay much longer and get my packages.

> >This is a very FAQ in Japan (maybe as well as other 2byte people).
> >Now I am distributing patched less for 2.1.x and RedHat7.3 
> >with extended lesspipe.sh from my site.
> >
> >Less included in K12LTSP 3.0 is OK same as RedHat8.0.
> >Patch is back.
> >
> >And other problem is fonts.dir file.
> >But now I'm not sure about this.
> >If I find it clealy, I tell you more.
> If these fixes do not have any negative side-effects, I can add it to the
> next build of 2.1.x. 

I have been used the patched Less under LANG=C environment on many machines
such as K12LTSP 2.1.2, Mandrake, RawHide, PLD, SuSE, gentoo...
of cource with Japanese distributions.
No affect to any other locales or languages.
Would you check it out on your environment?
If something wrong tell me that, I'll tweak it soon.
If it possible, add it to 2.1.x.
I'll contribute it with my plesure.
> Does the font problem impact 3.0 as well?

Sometimes so, but I'm not sure now. still checking.


Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
K12LTSP in Japanese ; http://open-mitch.dyndns.org/k12ltsp/

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