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RE: [K12OSN] PowerPC and YellowDogLinux question

We have a few (6) computers with Yellow Dog on them (bondi iMacs).  I
can't give you a performance report on them because they really don't
get used too much.

I don't know what you mean by "Can K12 run in YellowDogLinux?).  If you
mean, "Can you access the K12LTSP computer from Yellow Dog?" the answer
is "Of course.".  If the question is "Can the Macs with YellowDog boot
to the K12LTSP computer?" the answer is "I don't know.".  

I would think that you could start Yellow Dog from the local HD on the
Mac and then start a remote X session on the K12 box.  We are using the
YellowDog Macs as terminals to a different kind of server :)  

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Hi all folks,

Any folk on the list has experience using PowerPC and running 
YellowDogLinux on it.  What about its performance in comparison with 
running RedHat or Mandrake on normal PC.  Can K12 run on YellowDogLinux?

Kindly advise.  Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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