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Re: [K12OSN] Frustrated: unique setup? (3Qs)

Hi Alan,

More below... 

> 1) How many folks have an LTSP setup that include Windoze machines
> partitioned with Linux?

I don't so can't help on this one.

> 2) How are you connecting these machines to the server?


> 3) If you had #1, how would you do #2?

1) I wouldn't partition and add Linux, unless there was a very good
reason for having Linux on the local machine.

This setup would take a lot of administering.

I would get the Rom-O-Matic *.com boot rom images for my nics and set up
the MessDos boot menus.

I covered this stuff this week in some messages titled "Booting from HD"

2) Alternatively get bootroms for your current nics. I have struck some
roms that allow you to select local or network boot at start up. This
would be a little more expensive in the short term, but long term admin
is the same as Windows only install.

That's was one alternative for the lab I was looking after.

3) If you want Windows (up to ME) AND Linux AND a dumb terminals you
could set up an LTSP server and install Win4Lin. that way everything
lives on the server.

Be aware of the limitations for each setup.

1) minimal $, maximum admin time, best compromise between MS and Linux,
especially if you have Win apps that require multimedia and FDD and

2) more $, basically the same as 1) in all other aspects.

3) Max $, lower admin time AFTER intial install and setup. Not good if
multimedia, sound, local FDD and CDRoms are required. Good solution for
office / admin areas where the main focus is on office applications.

Set up correctly Win9x in W4L uses one install of Win9x and multiple
terminals can access this. You need to read the Netraverse "recipe" on
how this can be accomplished. You still need a separate Win9x licence
for each terminal running a Win4Lin session.

> Please folks - these questions are as "real" and important to me, as yours
> are to you.
> Thanks
> Alan Hodson
> El Paso ISD, TX
> -=o=-
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