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Re: [K12OSN] OpenMosix question

openMosix is developed under the GPL, Mosix is not.  openMosix forked when
the owner of the Mosix copyright stopped developing it under the GPL. 
openMosix is now developed completey independent of Mosix, and all non-GPL
code has been removed from it...

You can test your cluster with the openMosix Stress Test at:


James Jensen

--- Stephen Liu <satimis writeme com> wrote:
> Hi All Folks,
> I have openmosix installed and running on K12osn-2.1.2.  The server can
> boot on openmosix4 kernel or the original kernel of K12osn-2.1.2. 
> Personally I don't feel there is a difference working on diskless
> workstation booting either kernel.
> Could any folk please shed me some light how to check its difference.
> What is the difference of Mosix and openMosix?  Google search showed
> Debian and Mosix (to be replaced with openMosix version).  Whether
> openMosix was developed from Mosix?
> Thanks in advance.
> Stepphen Liu

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