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[K12OSN] Printing prolems with beta 8 in Mozilla


Has anyone one encountered printing problems with Mozilla (and only Mozilla)? I print through CUPS to a network printer, and all of my apps print fine except for Mozilla.

The problem is that I get 7 blank sheets out for every print job, before the document is printed. I have the same problem with Netscape 7. Netsacpe 6.22 prints fine.

The Readme docs from Mozilla explain the xprint is disabled in RH8.0 and I suspect that this my be the problem...They go on the say that rpms from Mandrake should work...

I have only heard of one or two others with this problem that I have. One was on the Redhat mail list but with a private address, and the other message was from the null list. No replies for either of them...



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