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Re: [K12OSN] sourceforge thin-client project

Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

If you wanted to really abstract it out, there are two other services you
might do:

Hey J,

a) Authentication services - this would be an LDAP server combined with a Samba PDC using the LDAP database that could be used to authenticate students anywhere on the network. This would take quite a bit of work to get right, but we could probably make it quite a bit better than Active Directory.

LDAP may be the foundation to build it all on. Clearly, centralised admin is essential in a multi-server ready system.

I am not a Samba expert, but I cannot imagine it would be a lot of work to plug samba into LDAP. Once the deed was done, the advantage would be - never touch another Samba .conf file again - and I'm sure many would be thrilled with that idea.

b) File-sharing services - a machine which provides home directories and shared filesystems for users. Exported via Samba, Netatalk, and NFS. Also configurable through the GUI to automatically add home directories as users first log in.

again, if we can abstract these services, they can plug on top of LDAP. It seems to me - a properly installed unix system is a fully abstracted one - where all user credentials and system settings are centralised, whereby eliminating the sometimes-difficult task of configuring everything manually.

Perhaps I am misled in my belief - that this level of simplicity and automated intereration can be achieved. I can see the end product - the technical details I will collect along the way. 8-)

There is a disadvantage, perhaps, to this level of abstraction, and that is - we may lose the ability to customise individual users, or classes of users. I am probably showing my lack of knowledge in LDAP with that statement, however.. 8-)

cheers all,

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