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[K12OSN] LTSP on win98 boot menu

Following up on the thread about running LTSP from a HD, I spent a few hours
and finally got a working configuration on a win98/LTSP dual boot using
win98's boot menu mechanism.  Perhaps this will save someone else some time.
(replace my_nic_ltsp.com with rom-o-matic's DOS com executable)

config sys:
menuitem=Windows, Windows 98
menuitem=Linux, Linux LTSP
menudefault=Linux, 10
rem device = ....
device=c:\windows\himem2.sys /Q




Some of the above is probably overkill (such as LoadTop=0 and AutoScan=0 and
DoubleBuffer=0) ; however it actually works (for me anyways)

Note: I had to (kludge) rename himem.sys to himem2.sys because it was loading in
all circumstances, which caused the my_nic_ltsp.com to hang after the first
step of LTSP loading ... this is specific to one machine... the others
worked without that kludge.


I did not have similar success with boot.ini on win2000.  In this case,
there is only one file to change (boot.ini) and one line to include:


but although the boot menu pops up with a choice to use LTSP, it hangs when
trying to run the rom-o-matic dos-based COM executable.  Google shows plenty
of examples for using to go into a second partition running linux, but none
for an LTSP ROM


Bruno Vernier
(this might be my delurking message on this list; if so: hello everyone, I
have setup 3 LTSP local area networks in Vancouver, BC)

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