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[K12OSN] Server Specs

Just got the ok to setup a lab running k12LTSP. I did a little demonstration and showed how our OLD computers could run a nice looking OS and be very cheap. I don't have a big budget but heres what I'm thinking:
Main Server
Dual P3 1 ghz, 1.5 gig sdram, (2) 18 gig SCSI 10k (55mbps), Dual Nics, Adapdect 29160 SCSI card...... Is this server config any good? Its gonna be holding about 20 computers in the lab and up to 10 others around campus for now.

File/Print/Web/Filter/Router/Backup yada yada yada
This is gonna do pretty much everything except GUI apps. Its gonna run squidgaurd and have a firewall. Be a little print server. And also be the file and password server for everyones home files. Its gonna be between all the computers in the school (windows computers too) and the dsl modem. For this one I am thinking a AMD xp 1700+ 128 mb ram and 100 gb hard drive for now and dual nics.. How does this one sound.

All this for about $2300. Oh and thats also a nice little 24port switch and shipping. Am I doing the right thing? Comments grately appriceated!


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