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Re: [K12OSN] Video resolution on workstations

Jared Irby wrote:

The best resolution I can get on my workstations is about 640x480 and seems like 16bit but may only be 8 bit. Also trying to run graphical games (tuxracer, tuxtype, tuxmath), they run but VERY slowly. Would upgrading to decent PCI vid cards in the workstations help this problem? Also if thats the case what are some good pci vid cards and where can I get about 10-15 of them?

Yes. and no.

A nice video card, particularly with more RAM will allow your terminals to run in a greater colour-depth.

TuxRacer, in particular, is exceedingly graphics intensive, and you really need an OpenGL Graphics Accelerator, vis GF2 MX400 - a cheapie will do. You will see that the difference is astronomical, and jumpy graphics become smooooth gameplay. Other such gems such as, ahem, Quake3 Arena can be played as well, and works very nicely indeed on my Celeron533/256MB/GF2MX400-64MB. AHEM, this particular shoot-em-up game should not be School Premises and should be used for TESTING THE GRAPHICS CARD ONLY. 8-)

I have never seen an OpenGL card function in a Terminal, mainly because I have never tried it. Perhaps someone else can advise with regard to this.

Before you invest in new hardware though, make sure it is not a config problem. Check /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf and note what options are set. You may find you have the [default] section set to only 640x480 or some-such.

HTH, Steve

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