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Re: [K12OSN] Openbrick Thin Clients

Immanuel Derks wrote:

Op di 17-12-2002, om 22:39 schreef Steve Wright:

Immanuel Derks wrote:

I'm curious to hear if people on this list have tried openbrick (www.openbrick.org) machine as thinclients or a LTSP project.

Nice little piece of gear.. but soooo expensive.

That's good to hear! :)

ahh, but it is only my opinion.. 8-)

How is you putting a well performing LTSP client together that runs K12LTSP Beta3/Gnome/OpenOffice/Mozila/VMware sessions for a lower price tag? I've not been able to come up anything better up till now.

I have not tried them, sorry. But I looked at the price, and I can buy cheaper here in New Zealand, and in a much nicer case too.. so I didn't look at them any further. I like the idea of open hardware - and there is so little of it, so I congratulate them on their efforts.

Perhaps I am out of date, and I should re-check the price.

Yeah, sure, that old 486 laying around somewhere, would be fine, but...I don't have them and when I start shopping...ohh boy what a prices!

Perhaps there is some old PCs you can buy in bulk from a corporate ?

It is nice to have new terminals - mine are made from junk - 486's and so on.. 8-/

I've looked into $249 ThinkNics, but that seems a hassle and bad performance as far as I can tell.

I thought there was some success with these ?? I do not use them.


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